Grand Prix Weekend Compilation Video!

The Formula One’s Grand Prix event took place in Montreal over the June 7-10 weekend. The city’s “manifencours” protests — initiated by students in November against tuition hikes and continuing now as an unlimited general strike — targeted the tourist attraction for its associations with elitism and sexism.

From Thursday late afternoon through Sunday night, the heavy presence of the SPVM (Montreal police) was met with resistance by protesters, leading to clashes: smoke grenades, smashed police vehicles, and hundreds of arrests. The protests included a “nude-in,” fake blood-smeared racing flags, dancing to the banging of pots and pans, police profiling for “red squares,” and confused F-1 fans staring over the shoulders of Montreal cops.

This video was created in a collaboration between Nicolas Quiazua, editor-in-chief of McGill University’s Le Délit, Zachary Bell (@ZacharyABell), freelance journalist and former columnist of University of Pennsylvania’s Daily Pennsylvanian, and Sam Slotnick, community editor of Concordia University’s The Link. 

(video with English subtitles upcoming!)

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