Student Unionism, Why Don’t American Students Strike?

The “Student Unionism to Build Student Power” panel with Montreal CLASSE organizers Rushdia Mehreen and Frank Lévesque-Nicol and Brooklyn Student Union and New York Students Rising organizers Biola Jeje and Isabelle Nastasia was instructive about a possible organizing strategy for a US Student Movement. In one room were several thought leaders student syndicalism across North … Continue reading

National Student Power Convergence, Forming Liquid Concrete

In the first few days of the convergence students exuberantly engaged with one another, recognizing their commonalities and sharing the highs and lows of their activism experiences, building a network of student solidarity. However, at moments, the honeymoon feeling gave way to underlying tensions. So far, students have demonstrated their differences by reacting to speakers. … Continue reading

Interview with Anthropologist David Graeber: U.S. Student Debt Campaign

While Montreal’s student strike intensifies further around Quebec’s September 4 election, U.S. students are initiating a multitude of campaigns around debt, immigration, and other issues. Students will be learning from Montreal activists and discussing strategies for debt campaigns at the Student Power Convergence in Columbus, OH on August 10—14 2012. At a Sunday StrikeDebt assembly … Continue reading

July 2, Occupy National Gathering

The third day of the Occupy National Gathering was full of energy and good conversation. Speaker Amadon DellErba from Spritualution discussed the importance of ending all “isms,” Gina McGill from Alabama promoted the ideas in Beyond Plutocracy, and Matt Taibbi exposed bank collusion. Captain Ray Lewis declined to speak in the group because of the many … Continue reading

July 1, Occupy National Gathering

The second day of the Occupy National Gathering began with some sense of stability, with Franklin Square set as the permanent location for workshops and the Friends Center’s parking lot as the permanent sleeping area. However, the day of speakers and skill-shares precipitated an evening of arrests, with 25-30 reportedly taken into custody. (Footage of … Continue reading

June 30, Occupy National Gathering

On the first day of the Occupy National Gathering, the excitement to meet one another was hampered by police confrontation. This led to indecision and internal arguments over contingency plans, but by the evening, Occupiers were safely assembled at jail solidarity or at the National Gathering Comedy Show. The afternoon began with workshops around issues like … Continue reading

Grand Prix Weekend Compilation Video!

The Formula One’s Grand Prix event took place in Montreal over the June 7-10 weekend. The city’s “manifencours” protests — initiated by students in November against tuition hikes and continuing now as an unlimited general strike — targeted the tourist attraction for its associations with elitism and sexism. From Thursday late afternoon through Sunday night, … Continue reading

June 10, Sunday, Metro profiling at the Grand Prix

The Grand Prix racing event kicked off Sunday morning.  I entered the metro around 10:15am with Nicolas Quiazua, editor of McGill University’s Le Délit newspaper. Our bags were searched, and we were told that no media was allowed to go onto the metro that day — so we entered as civilians. When I asked allowed … Continue reading

June 9, Saturday, Anti-sexism march and nighttime mayhem

At 5pm, activists gathered at Phillips Square for the anti-sexism demonstration. The manifestation was controversial among Montreal protesters because it explicitly advocated the abolition of sex work — prompting the moderator of the anti-capitalist CLAC (labor union association) listserv to issue an apology for disseminating information for the event. The march stopped at various places to deliver … Continue reading

June 8, Friday, Bahrain solidarity and Grand Prix clashes

Around 6:30pm, the demonstrations began with a (noticeably) small protest at Dorchester Square aimed to show solidarity with the people of Bahrain. At 7:20pm, the petite march ignored a call by the police to clear the streets, but complied when the troops moved to enforce it. Still in good spirits, the protesters sang a French … Continue reading